See tranche. American Banker Glossary
In the case of derivative products, options of the same type- put or call-with the same underlying security. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See: series. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
In general, refers to a category of assets such as: domestic equity, fixed income instruments, etc. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Securities, the rights attaching to which are or will be identical and which form a single issue or series of issues. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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class class [klɑːs ǁ klæs] noun [countable]
1. one of the groups that society can be divided into according to their jobs, income etc:

• the professional classes

Social class 4 consists of semi-skilled manual occupations.

• a working-class area of the city

2. a particular quality of product or service:

• Many more women are now buying their own luxury class jewellery.

• Boeing 767s have 174 seats — 14 for first class, 30 for business class, and 130 for economy class.

3. a particular type of product or service:

• The company is developing a new class of pharmaceuticals based on nucleotides.

4. FINANCE a particular type of a company's liabilities, or the people to whom they are owed:

• One class of secured creditors will receive 95% of the face value of their bonds.

5. FINANCE class A/​B etc shares different types of shares in a company whose owners have different rights in the company, for example different voting rights and different rights to be repaid if the company goes bankrupt:

• Google said it planned to sell 14.16 million of its Class A shares.

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class UK US /klɑːs/ noun
[C or U] a group of people within society who have the same economic or social position: »

As rents increased, working class families left the city in search of more affordable neighborhoods.


upper/middle/lower class

[C] COMMERCE a standard based on price and quality: »

The planes will have reclining seats for customers in first class.


She and her husband run a luxury-class holiday accommodation business.

[C] COMMERCE a group into which goods and services are put based on their characteristics: »

Your shipment's freight class determines the carrier's shipping charges.

a class of sth »

At issue is a class of mortgages that lenders call ""subprime"" because they do not qualify for the lowest or prime interest rate.

[C] a series of lessons on a particular subject: a class in/on sth »

As part of a class in international relations, the conference aimed to teach students the art of negotiations.

enrol in a class »

And so that fall, I enrolled in an agribusiness marketing class.

take/go to/attend classes »

For the past two years he's been taking night classes while also working full-time as a nurse.


hold/offer/teach a class

See also BEST IN CLASS(Cf. ↑best in class), BUSINESS CLASS(Cf. ↑business class) noun, ECONOMY CLASS(Cf. ↑economy class), FIRST CLASS(Cf. ↑first class) adjective, SECOND-CLASS(Cf. ↑second-class) adjective

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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